Roller Blockout Blinds

Roller Blinds
Roller Blockout Blinds (sometimes referred to as Holland Blinds) have been around for many years but are now making a strong comeback. New fabrics have revitalized the Roller Blockout Blinds.  They add a touch of class to any home or office while offering full privasee. Roller blockout blinds can be combined with sunscreen blinds on the same bracket to satisfy your day and night requirements. Roller blind is the best option of window covering for those who are looking for a minimalistic look, combined luminosity and privacy control.


We have an amazing collection of high quality fabrics that provide privacy and glare control or blocking out the light. Roller blinds fabrics are proven not only to control luminosity, as well thermal comfort and superior design.

Mechanism of Roller Blinds:

Operation of both the Sunscreen Blinds and Roller Blockout Blinds work by the fabric rolling around a tube, the tube is turned either by a sidewinder unit with operating chain or by the tensioning of a spring located within the tube.

Most Sunscreen and Roller Blockout blinds today are operated by the sidewinder unit, this gives greater control and ease of operation.

  • The tube is either roll formed galvanized colour bond at .4mm thickness or in aluminium of 0.9 to 1.7mm thickness.
  • Spring assemblies are out of 1.4 to 1.6mm spring wire with a 4 stop motor. brass pawls operate on a zinc plated steel latch ring.
  • sidewinder units are made from glass filled acetal bearing surfaces. The spring clutch is constructed from 1.2mm*2.4mm hardened square spring wire.

Fabrics for Roller Blinds:

All the fabrics in this range completely block out all light, i.e. no light penetrates the fabric. These fabrics give full privacy and great control of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer when fully down.

Dawn, Melaleuca, Raindrops & Snowfake fabrics are the same as used in vertical blinds. These fabrics represent the best value, plain fabrics. Refer to Verticals for fabric specifications.

Sovereign fabrics have a gold thread woven pattern that are popular for decorating. The fabric is manufactured out of 100% polyester with crushed acrylic foam backing for greater insulation. Luminous transmittance (% of visible light transmitted through the fabric) is 0%, solar transmittance (% the suns ultraviolet, visible and near infrared energy that is transmitted through the fabric is 0%, shading coefficient of 0.16 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.14.

Shades of White fabrics are designed to give a cool and brilliant feel. These fabrics are made from the same material as the Sovereign range and have very similar properties.

French Country are designed to give an eclectic range of patterns that will become the focal point of any room. These fabrics are made from the same materials as Sovereign and have very similar properties.

5TH Avenue fabrics are designed to give the feel of quality and texture while providing 13 fabulous colours to choose from. These fabrics are also made from the same materials as the Sovereign range and have very similar properties.

deluxe pelmet system

Deluxe Pelmet:

We offer a deluxe pelmet system which basically provides a profiled cover that hides the fabric on the roller tube and also hides the sidewinder mechanism with only the chain being visible. The pelmet can have a fabric insert or be powder coated in 3 colours.


All the Sunscreen and Roller Blockout range of blinds lend themselves to motorization. This is where a motor is located inside the roller tube. The motor draws on 240 volt power and is operated via remote controls. For more information contact the office.


We have a 3 year guarantee on all components and fabrics. For details of our guarantee contact the office.

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